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Both avant-garde
& poetic

Explore Nantes: ambitious, bustling, avant-garde, Nantes is considered the European capital of the West of France Nantes looking ahead…
- 2013 Nantes elected European Ecology Capital after Madrid
- 2030 Nantes: "my City of tomorrow"

key figures

- The 6th French City
- 600,000 inhabitants, of whom 290,000 live in the City Centre
- 52,335 hectares
- 24 City Communes since 1 January 2002
- 3,500 new residents each year
- 312,000 jobs
- 36,000 companies
- 62% natural green or agricultural spaces
- 32% urbanized zones
- 6% space planned for urbanization
- 10,000 Associations

& Leisure activities

Discover the many cultural events in Nantes: (Classical Music: La Folle Journée, Aux Heures d'été, Jazz: Les rendez-vous de l'erdre, Conferences, Music: Tissé-Métisse etc.)

Cultural sites not to be missed !

- The Dukes of Brittany Castle
- The Cathedral
- The "Lieu Unique" (a cultural centre in a former listed biscuit factory)
 - The Fine Arts Museum
- The Oratory Chapel
- The Zoological Gardens
- L'île de Versaille (an island on the River Erdre, with a Japanese Garden)
- Talensac Covered Market
- Place Royale Square
- Place Graslin Square and its 18th Century Theatre
- The Passage Pommeraye (a 19th Century covered shopping arcade)
- The Dobrée Museum (archeological museum)
- The Natural History Museum
- The Print Museum
- The Jules Verne Museum
- The Island Machines (an innovative artistic project)
- The bars and cafes on the banks of the Loire 

- The memorial
- Royal de Luxe Nantes (a mechanical marionette street theatre company.)

Le Voyage à Nantes

What's happening in Nantes this summer ? Le van